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Snowboarding Lessons in Cardiff

Whether you are a snowboarding novice, and want lessons to prepare for a forthcoming holiday, an intermediate or advanced level wanting to hone your skills, or whether you just want to learn to make getting fit ‘fun’, Cardiff Ski Centre lessons are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Learn to Snowboard at Cardiff Ski centre

Private Snowboard Lessons

A one on one lesson with a qualified instructor enables you to learn at a faster rate and can be turned to your specific needs, whether its your first time lesson and you want a personal touch or you’re having trouble with your turning we are here to push you to the next level of riding.

Private lessons are available for individuals or small groups of up to 6 people Age 8+.

Snowboard Group Lessons

We offer a range Snowboarding Group lessons- This way we make sure that everyone in your group has the same goals and objectives. We offer jnr snowboard school age 8 – 16  and adult lessons 16+ Our group lessons have a maximum of 6 participants, are an hour long, and are real fun!

Beginner Sessions: In this lesson you will learn about your equipment, how to get around with just one foot strapped in as well as the basics of stopping and controlling yourself on the hill in a side slip. Our taster sessions are fun and fast paced, while remaining informative to give you an understanding and insight into Snowboarding as a sport.

Intermediate Sessions: After a taster, you will be ready to move onto Intermediate lessons. Developing on the knowledge gained in the Beginner session, you will begin to become more mobile and begin to move across the slope. As your control on a snowboard increases, we can move further up the hill allowing a little more speed while remaining safe. After you are comfortable controlling yourself on both heelside and toeside, you are ready to move onto the lift!

Lift User Sessions: These fun lessons are perfect for those of you who are able to use the lift on your own and looking at learning to turn, all the way to seasoned riders who are looking at perfecting their turning technique. Now you are more mobile, these lessons shift focus from instruction to guided self discovery: What works for you and how can we give you the opportunity to have the most fun you can have. Basic freestyle instruction is also available in these sessions. 

Learn to Ski in Cardiff Ski School
Snowboarding Lessons, Cardiff Ski School
Snowboarding Lessons, Cardiff Ski School
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